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A Child Lost

A child lost
A parent's worst fear
How do you cope with the loss
Of someone so dear.

He didn't have the answers
But he did know the pain
He had those tears that fall
Like heavy rain.

He lost her almost a year ago
And to this day he continues to grieve
The timing couldn't have been worse
As that day was Christmas Eve.

An email bore the sad news
Which to this day he cannot face
To a heavenly place she had not been taken
Simply their relationship she wished to erase.

The tears started to flow
And what made him so sad
Was her explaining
She didn't consider him her Dad.

She no longer wanted to see him
Or even felt they were related
The pain in his heart right then
Could never be rated.

He wrote her back
And he simply said
He would honour her request
While inside he felt so dead.

So alone he felt
At a special time of the year
Oh how it hurt
To lose someone so dear.

A year has now past
And his heart feels so sad
What he wouldn't give to hear her say

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Most wrenching - an outstanding piece
This story is very sad. I am very close to my dad and I would never want to hurt him and he would never want to hurt me. Thankyou for your lovely poem.