Sonnet 2

Death shall not catch me unprepared, I deem;
My knees are bended, I've finished my race;
I do not fear him, I do not fear him,
Though he may come now and shut my fireplace.
I shall lit my last lamp and vow to pray,
Invulnerable I in my stronghold
My heart keeps glowing though my lips turned gray
For all the days and years I do behold.
Death shall not catch me unprepared, I'm free;
To be redeemed by Blood I did aspire.
Yes, no dominion has death over me
Like gold, my faith has been tested on fire
Now I lay my hands to Thy loving arms,
I am Yours till my last second alarms.

Copyright 2019, Jez Brul, All Rights Reserved

by Jez Brul

Comments (3)

A poem on divinity and nice poem.
A very nice write. Who wouldn't want to be a child of the King! He has the whole world in his hands. A gracious and loving poem.
It is true, everyone is 'A Child Of The King'. We have the power to work on our inner being to to bring forth salvation in this world. Insightful.