KVV (02/06/1951 / Sullia - 574239, Karnataka; .)

A Child's Awakening

On the vast lawn
My child and I
Sit together
And observe Nature.

The child, for a moment,
Runs to the other end of the lawn
In order to extricate himself
Out of the gravitational pull
Of my love
And feel the whiff of
Divine love.

Then, he rushes back
Towards me
As if he has realized that
The Divine love is incomplete
Without the presence of human love
Springing from flesh and blood.

by K. V. Venkataramana

Comments (3)

the human love teaches the divine love...very differently written
very touching indeed......brilliantly crafted 10
What a marvelous poem, and what a fine parent to be so observant of such subtle nuances in your child's development. The best to you and your family.