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A Child's Curiousity
( / Frackville, Pennsylvania)

A Child's Curiousity

A curious child often seeks answers:
Why the evening sky is often colorful and bright?
How can a large goose fly so high?
What makes a rainbow a beautiful sight?

What cause rain or snow to fall?
What makes snowflakes shapely and white?
Why the moon and stars appear at night?
What makes the rising sun so bright?

Now that the child has grown to adulthood,
indubitably, he/she should surely now know
that within Nature anything is possible.
Perhaps, a supernatural entity makes it so.

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Hello Joseph. First, thanks for reading and commenting on my poem, An Old Soldier. Second, I loved this poem and I do believe the Creator places within our hearts the desire to ask why, possibly so we will look upward and find HIM. Great work! Loyd