Heartbreak Cheater! ! ! ! ! !

You go to a party, not knowing im going.
You are dancing and I see you, your drinking, I see you.
You slow dance with a girl, I see you.
Do you see me?
You didnt invite me.
When I see you with her
I dont know what to think,
Are you leaving, are you cheating,
Are you lying, are you just another boy?
I follow you upstairs with the girl, you are going in the room,
are you gonna do anything, are you gonna cheat on me?
All these questions, but only get one answer.
I walk in and see her on top of you.
I am suppose to be your fiance,
and you have a girl on top of you, having sex with her,
I thought you were different, I thought that you wouldnt
ever do that.
You running after me saying sorry and I didnt know what to
say, you say you want another chance but I dont know if I can.
I do love you with all my heart. But can I trust you again,
Can you be true?
What do you guys think? Should I give Andrew another chance?

all copyright @Robyn Serio

I lyke dis poam cuz, C is an excellent spy nd C caught him red handed. all should follow her example

by Your Soul

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for those five Fors, rejoice
Stevenson could have a dark side, but then you read something like this and the sentimentality and compassion is awe inspiring. The rhyming helps too.
what a wonderful poem! !
Inspired poem and experience of be a child
For the long nights you lay awake, excellent written
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