A Child's Innocent Smile

Sweetness, beauty, love and a carefree face,
I know all you have borrowed from your God.
Where from you borrowed this innocence my child?
I see!
You evolved it for a return of thankfulness to Him.
Do you know it has been snapped by Him?
The Angels have placed it in a golden frame,
It's made of gold with diamonds affixed.
God may be anything but He is not innocent!
I know He will show it to the Devil
on the Day of Judgement,
and the devil will be speechless before a child's smile!

by Akhtar Jawad

Comments (2)

What a wonderful and powerful poem on child. Very touching lines. " The devil will be speechless before a child's smile" Brilliant lines from a one of a kind write. Liked the picture that goes with it, .beautiful.
Beautiful lines about innocent hearts