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A Child's Prattle-3

A Child's Prattle-3

Sudden sudden visits you pay me
On that day too
When I was a little dozy
"Graaaaannn.."shouting you popped in
All on a sudden shock
Threatening....! Shocked..! !
But just in a while
I was back to my self
And laughed aloud
But Krishna, you stopped and
Began gazing
"What are you looking at?
It's empty and toothless even"
I said
"Still, I see everything" you said
And laughed aloud clapping
Now I started gazing
At your sparkling smile
"What do you see? "you asked
"Your lovely smile" I said
"So, You are not Yashodha"
You saidand vanished
My dilemma...
"Am I not up to her? "
"Am I not staunchly devout? "

Note: This is about a grand mother's's imagination of conversing with
little Krishna the Lord adopting Him as her grand child

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It is empty and toothless but the moment is of Devotion. Sparkling of smile is witnessed. This is an excellent poem very beautifully drafted...10