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A Child's Prattle-4

A Child's Prattle-4

When I was waiting for you
In utter haste, you delayed
Helplessly left my heart lone
Restlessly muttered jittering
"You cheated me Krishna..
You cheated me Krishna
After feasting on a series
Of all that you crave for
Hosted by me
You cheated, you cheated"

"Graaaann..".rightly you entered.
"Why's that self prattling now"
You asked.I scowled..
"Is it this, your way of favouring
Why, why you took away my Love
Leaving me forlorn and alone
A series of loss and now my Love
Leaving me forlorn and alone

You paused my howling
With your tender hug
"Gran.."you wiped my tears
"Isn't your Love my love too..? "
At once you vanished...

How can it be...?
"Your Love my love"
My vacillating dilemma
Haunting me timelessly

Note: This is about a grand mother's's imagination of conversing with
little Krishna the Lord adopting Him as her grand child

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Life's holding is pushed within. A series of loss and love is noticed. Grandmother's imagination is very nice and interesting. This poem is very lovely poem beautifully penned with care and dignity....10