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A Child's Prattle-5

A Child's Prattle-5

'Found out at last..
May be I think too much..
Found out at last..
O' God,
You are the most best
Sadist..! yes it is true
Gave me the extra eye
I chose to be good
And still want to be so
But You made me helpless
Snared me in conflicts peaceless
My extra eye
I do realise You are the controller
But why this way...?
Won't You stop torturing the Good
Won't You let the Good be good..?
Intolerable to live shamed
Albeit being good
May be I think too much'

That day as I was mulling over
Muttering such heartfelt wording
You came in.
'Whom were you talking to'
You asked
'God' I said..
'O.k, talk to me now'you said
'Ha, You are a little boy
Mine is a big issue..matchless'I said.
'Little boy..? matchless..? '
You asked.At once vanished.

My dilemma this time mused..
Long and longer time...
Then suddenly, sharply...
O' Krishnaaaa...I cried
Feeling hangdog and guilty
Of my nescience

How will I face little Krishna
The biggest Lord when He comes
Will He come..? Hmm..I sigh
My dilemma goes on

Note: This is about a grand mother's's imagination of conversing with
little Krishna the Lord adopting Him as her grand child

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I loved the grandmother's conversation with little Krishna. My mother too, often conversed with Krishna. I can identify with this scene thoroughly. A lovely, homely, lovable poem, dear Indira ji......10
Though nobody has seen, probably we do not have eyes to see the Almighty yet we all believe in HIM and his presence is felt every time. Though we may not get reply in words like we get from our colleagues yet we know HE is hearing us and giving what is beneficial to us. Since time immemorial, world is trying to converse with HIM and your conversation is one such which is nicely done. A wonderful poem Indira Ji.10+++++
God is the best friend. God beautifully guides us. God takes away dilemma and fills mind in wisdom. All should keep trust on him and love him. This is a very beautiful poem excellently penned. This is truly a motivational poem...10
In our difficulties and vexations we lift our eyes to God! Sometimes we get an immediate and positive response, sometimes God plays hide and seek with us. Rarely He doesn't appear before us, but He sees us and hears our supplications! A beautiful dialogue between God and man similar to that between a grandmother and grand child! A 10