A Child's Prayer

Poem By George Savige

A little child
Besides his bed
With folded hands
Beneath his head

Considers all
He’d done today
Then softly he
Begins to pray

Dear Jesus bless
My mum and dad
And help me not
To be too bad

I’m sorry that
I scratched the car
With that big heavy
Iron bar

It wasn’t all
My fault you know
But someone called,
I had to go.

I told no one,
I knew I should.
I know that
Wasn’t really good

But even when
I’m really dumb
I love my Daddy
And my Mum.

Bless my Mum and
Dad and me
And thank you
For a lovely tea

But dearest Jesus,
While you’re there
Please, will you bless
My Teddy bear?

Comments about A Child's Prayer

This is adorable George. Very sweet. Sincerely, Mary

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