A Child Speaks...

being lost in childhood
is nothing
but meditation
often in serene atmosphere
i tune my nostrils
to absorb
the lost fragrance of childhood
and the ears
to hear
the lost voices of childhood
and memories...
where i lived with nameless grass
nameless plants...
and their nameless Flowers...
nameless colours...
i played with ants
and nameless insects...
nameless butterflies...
i lived in shrubs
as if in a wild forest
without name
without words
a child speaks...

by Denny M.X.

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Comments (3)

lost childhood is certainly and issue, but not the end of life. go ahead.very nice poem.posted 10 surya
Sweet remembrances and lost sensitivty - beautifully worded.
How simple life was when we were children... at times, tramatizing, but when I think of comfort, I am small, and my mother and father are there to protect me... Thanks for takng me back with this poem, especially with the ants! Lee