(01/01/1966 / BIRMINGHAM)

Alone With Everybody

There is a mind inside the meat
We call our head's
Somewhere there's a soul while we're alive.

Women come and go if your a drunken
Drunk she threw my teeth in the canal.

Can we find true love inside a bottle of
Cheap wine?
He did as well as she
One just has to lower one's expectations.

Our fates are tied together one and all
And I can't afford to drink the heady stuff
At all.

I'm beyond flattery, I cannot say yes to love
Nobody ever finds
the one.
When nothing else matters but the sandman!

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Not bad for a beginner
A child, ignored from passers-by, lonely tears play alone within, With litter as the flowers, She cries out for her mother But on deafened ears it falls. Neglected and abused, And never tasted love. These are the points which i collected from your poem after reading it carefully.. Sadness, i felt like weeping with the child. childhood should be filled with wonderful and sweet memories…. But…..your poem indicates the struggles and pains of so many dear ones here on the earth. Thank you dear poet. tony
Verily, a heart touching poem, There are so many who grow up on roadside without anyone's love, only God is their guardian.....10
Hello Andrew this is a very moving poem beautifully written well done
well pitiful depiction of a weeping child reflects your inner core of heart and its softness.thank you for sharing
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