AK (04 06 1987 / Bath UK)

A Child Was Hurt

When I was a child you hurt me.
I was nothing but a mere girl.
I was only 5 years old.
I couldnt fight you couldnt fend you off.
A child was hurt.

A child was hurt for your fantasies.
That child was me.
I was only a wee girl.
A child was hurt.

It used to be a cool place to play.
It once was my faviorate place to go.
But you took that from me.
As well as raping me.
A child was hurt.

You said it was a game.
I knew it was rong.
It didnt feel right.
I begged you to stop.
You looked laughed and carried in.
A child was hurt.

A child was hurt.
I was so much smaller than you.
You towered over me.
You had the power.
And you didnt care.
A child was hurt

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Comments (2)

amy, this poem is powerful it expresses the way an abused person feels i can relate its good to write about...
Very moving poem Amy. Sadly, I think this happens alot more often than we think.... if this is written from experience, I'm sorry. Writing truly can be a wonderful way to heal though. Very brave write. Sincerely, Mary