A Child Without A Home

Awake in the morning
in a state of fright
beatings come without warning
at break of light.

Sad look on my face
tear drops fill the eyes
pain I await for
knowing not to cry.

Go to school everyday
pained from the beating
listening to the kids
laughing as I'm eating.

Another day in hell
when will it end
finish off this day
so another can begin.

Same old thing everyday
whole life of fear
look to the heavens
why don't they care.

Sadly out of place
and he's all alone
a screwed up world
which he don't belong.

An angel that fell
from heavens own floor
out looking for hope
he's lost forever more.

No love to find
family is all gone
locked in this world
child with no home.

by Tracy Rollings

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