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A Child Without A Real Parent

how can a parent have a child
and show no love
give not a care of that child
how can they do that
and take no blame
when that child falls apart or fails
so much is unknown for this child
all that a parent is suppose to teach
went untaught
this child left in a world
only herself to rely on
and yet she choose to take care of everyone else
putting herself last until it was too late
now she is drowning in pain
and no one is there to dig her out
or give her just one helping hand
all those around
that she has helped
just walk by
and you know why
cause she looks perfectly fine to them
she is traped behind a mask
to the world she looks like a happy child
happy is but the opposite to how she feels

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This one is really good too. It has a lot of good points.
This poem touched my heart. I know a child who even now goes through that same thing and i feel for her. It is a sad life to live. She suffers and no one can see because she acts well around others it is a very uncommon way to live but it is a way some people choose to live.
wow this poem is touching. i love it! it brings back so many memories to me thats how powerful it is!
I feel the pain that lies deep within her heart.I feel the pain behind the ugly mask where the world only but assumes.Its a ugly world and a long road, where you have to walk without as much as a helping hand
This child I know of which you speak. The mask she musn't wear
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