A Child Without A Real Parent

how can a parent have a child
and show no love
give not a care of that child
how can they do that

by Scarlet ..... Click to read full poem

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This one is really good too. It has a lot of good points.
This poem touched my heart. I know a child who even now goes through that same thing and i feel for her. It is a sad life to live. She suffers and no one can see because she acts well around others it is a very uncommon way to live but it is a way some people choose to live.
wow this poem is touching. i love it! it brings back so many memories to me thats how powerful it is!
I feel the pain that lies deep within her heart.I feel the pain behind the ugly mask where the world only but assumes.Its a ugly world and a long road, where you have to walk without as much as a helping hand
This child I know of which you speak. The mask she musn't wear
This poem has touched my heart so close to home. take care Brenda