Need A Lil Bit Of Faith

Game paused but i aint pressed quit
Procrastinating waiting for the system to burn out
But I am the system
The player in the game
Hall of Fame World remember my name
The Coach also officiating
This is all me spending time imaginating
What is the game?
Conform to what works?
Inner struggles worse
My heart must prevail
I dont wanna fail
Attention a drug to me
In there hearts is where id love to be
Does ends justify means
Sell Off my soul for some green
To live what i dream
If being me is not enough?

To make it will i have to give myself up?

by Poker Chips

Comments (3)

Last line of the poem shows your determination to be always number one, thanks for the share 10/10
Game is always to win. Lovely write. Regards
A beautiful poem with simple images and liked it..