A Childhood Lesson

Some call it checkers,
I call it draughts.
Don't play with me
If you think it's just a game
And you don't mind losing.
I play a mean game. I play to win.
Old Peter Salaveros taught me
When I was a boy.
We played on a scrubbed table
In the seamen's mess,
Just him and me.
We played seriously.
Neither of us smiled.

by Pete Crowther

Comments (5)

WOW and double WOW! I have just discovered your work (through a comment you made on one of mine, and each one is a new journey into my past, and a short trip through your mind as well! How exciting, to discover someone new whose work you admire so much. Linda
Cool poem, crisp. I can understand this serious playing; most games are battles when they are between two. A foursome is happier.
Hello Peter, Interesting poem, nice - I love insights into people from their pasts. With me, the one thing that I learned and still love is crossword puzzles. Actually, anything using words, like Scrabble. Warmest regards, CJ
Cool poem pete. Checkers are intersting games, , , , but i always find myself loosing :)
I played checkers with my grandfather and we laughed a lot. Guess that's why I can never win today! :) This is a good poem. Raynette