A Children Day At School

I drop her to school every early morning,
Not a fatigue to pick up a fairy that's charming,
A fairy is she in her lovely uniform,
A bag too heavy perhaps to perform,
Something in my life I never performed,
But innocent lovely child goes fully armed,
Perhaps she is asked to fight a war,
As if her teacher is a rival Czar.

But today Zaufishan my Grand Daughter,
Came downstairs like a pretty pink flower,
No uniform not the burden round her neck,
I was surprised, an unusual wreck!
Let me tell something she wasn't walking,
Flying, swimming and nicely talking,
In place of tears the smile at her face,
A watchable world with a gracious grace!

She told me it's a children day,
The neat clean toy got a joyful spray,
Glittering like gold and shining like silver,
She waited for school I saw it never,
She will swing and sing many games to play,
I wish a nice day and for joys I pray,
Activities at school though extracurricular,
Change mood of a child concentric-n- circular.

Thanks for the dishes she'll be served in recess,
I can see the beauty of the fairy princess,
Thanks for the books of the fairy tales,
Fragrance will survive even if color stales,
Beacon House Schooling System, I have regards,
Go on marching and fight the retards,
But the heavy bag of a child of this age,
Constrains to think we're still in a cage!

by Akhtar Jawad

Comments (7)

I liked this beautiful poem...................
Nice structure and word choice. I enjoyed your poem. Keep it up.
A beautiful poem. And yes, The fragrance of this poem will survive for a long long time in my memory. The school bag is heavy. That is really a problem for the children. And Grandfather realise the tears and smile of pretty pink grand daughter. That's so nice. Overall, Its an excellent poem I read today. But I know your all poems are so nice and beautiful.
A truely inspiration
Little ones look forward to Children's Day when they don't have to carry the heavy satchel on their backs.... a day meant for fun and play! Above everything, a day when they can wear colour dress and flit like butterflies! A beautiful poem! Enjoyed!
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