A Chip On His Humpback

His father was a gentleman
his mother was a mutt
the offspring is a little man
a gentleman he's not.

He was in stature really tiny
and had a big hunchback
the Fatherland would call him Heini
and stuff him in a sack.

He, on his visits, misbehaves
and stomps his little feet
which is some feat meant just for Braves
and very hard to beat.

Because, I'll tell you now my friend
if both are in your mouth
you'd have to stoop and strain and bend
to kick the Belles down South.

So get a life, consider glasses
to see the real world
there comes a time when dimwit asses
into the mud are hurled.

by Herbert Nehrlich

Comments (6)

Interesting poem.... KK
We usually do....lol
Oops, the little angry boy has withdrawn his comment. But the spelling was okay. Maybe it's the company that scares him. H Thanks guys.
LOL...another Nehrlich release...good Herbert. U are a funny guy!
I laughed....Great write Herbert! You put everyone to shame: -)
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