A Chocolate Teapot

I wanted a chocolate tea-pot
As a gift for a good friend’s birth-day
But I did feel a bit of a clot
Searching for this on e-Bay

I found a chocolate giraffe
And a chocolate kangaroo
But they wouldn’t give her the laugh
That a chocolate teapot would do

I decided to make one myself
And bought a huge Galaxy slab
Very bad for the general health
But for my plan was perfectly fab

I fashioned it into a pot
Melting it using some heat
Using kettle and water so hot
It really was quite a feat

This teapot I have to confess
Had lumps for handle and spout
And although I got in a mess
Was happy the way it turned out

My friend sent a note in blue ink
“My teapot is fab, may I say....
It wasn’t as useless as most people think
I scoffed the lot in one day! ”

copyright Victoria George


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Comments (5)

From heart you want to make your friend happy and you could do it so well and Choclate Tea Pot is so freindly a poem.. Rema
Cute! And I thought this was an analogy for something useless! Fun poem - enjoyed... HG: -) xx
better a chocolate tea-pot than a chocolate pot-ty! 10 from me. -chuck
A nice slab of fun, love it.
Yes I enjoyed this poem and 10/10 has been given.