(04 October 1943 / Germany)

A Choice

The lady was hysterical.
Two dogs on bloody
sleeveless arms.
Both looked near death.

The foaming of
the natural reaction
to bites from
deadly snakes

had well progressed
and words came into his
much stressed
and educated mind.

He told her quickly
in reassuring tones,
that he would, intravenously
pump elixir of life
('twas called anti-venene)
into both mutts,
and not to worry.

He owned a single vial
of the stuff.
there was no time,
no other options.

He gave the younger one
new hope for life.
And watched the other die.
Perhaps it was plain sympathy
that led the Gods
to order
a double funeral
that day.

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A sad choice but one that had to be made. KK