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A Choice To Make
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

A Choice To Make

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Sometimes a choice to make,
Doesn't seem to be the best one.
Until that time comes to realize,
How effective it was to choose...
A choice,
That suddenly shakes everyone awake.
With it noticed,
No one mistakes or takes for granted
Just how far away from reality,
They had been to witness...
Their own delusions being replaced.
By an enlightened state of affairs,
To face.
Enabling the fading of accusations.

That choice made was not ours.'

Your point is,
What? -

'We were not asked! '

Wasting time evaluating the looks...
And appearances of things.
You missed the opportunity,
To seek how content and substance...
Would come to eventually affect,
Your passing judgement on others...
Is less beneficial than listening.-

'What has that got to do,
With anything? '

-Learning when the time comes,
To answer questions asked.-

'We didn't hear them.'

-And WHO do you believe will be,
Left shocked and surprised...
By that revelation? -

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With a choice to make. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.