GJS (Sept.22,1946 / Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario)

Fake Love.

It's a commitment.
A relationship,
It takes 2 to make it work.
One to tear things apart.

I guess ill be the one who does it.
Im taking all the heat.
Im taking all the blame already.
Im taking everything on.
My fears,
My pain,

Stab me now.
Rip my heart out.
Don't smile at me yell at me.
Hit me.
Slap me.
Kill me.
Do it.
Why do it behind my back?

Don't show me fake love.
You have done enough.

Tell me striaght up.

Slap if i do something wrong.
Don't tell my friends,
Or your friends,
Tell me.

I had enough of you little games and fake love.

Show you my heart and what do u do throw it out?

Damn, girl... i love you.

But its over now.
Didn't talk to you for 7 months,
Cause i was away.

You send me what?
Zip zero nada nothing.

When you gone.
I send at least a 100 messages saying i miss you.

But i guess, i know what is true.

You dont love me.

You never did,

It's fake love.

Get out of my face.

I want the real thing ok.
Don't lie and say its real knowing its not.

Fake love.

Thank you.

Promise broken by you.

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