In Arms

When you take me in your arms
I feel satisfaction from your touch
When you tell me all love norms
I have never had such touch as such

When You embrace me in entirety
I feel melting from snow to water
I feel becoming part of golden sea
Love to question beauty to answer

My love you are so lovely and sweet
That I want to have you as a whole
You tinkle in me like my heart beat
You Travel in my body just like soul

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow

by Col Muhamad Khalid Khan

Comments (8)

It's terrible from Britain's worst poet!
(A Christmas Carol by William Topaz McGonagall.) **Truly a beautiful hymn to His honor.
would have been wonderful to flit from place to place, to hear this poetic hymn sung, with joy passion belief, in the time period when it was sung with joy 'The way to respect Christmas time Is not by drinking whisky or wine, But to sing praises to God on Christmas morn, The time that Jesus Christ His Son was born; ' but not sure if I should forsake the wine of Christ's first miracle on Christmas day although perhaps a better cheer is in the beer :)
Nice song about Christ and His birth.
I liked it until it turned into a diatribe against drinking- rather hard to get wrapped up in joy when someone is on his soap box
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