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A Christmas Letter.....
SN (1/5/90 / Savannah Georgia)

A Christmas Letter.....

We see each other on the streets
yet, still we look away
we once were called the best of friends
that day is not today
to end this friendship all at once
he was not worth the pain
but thanks to him, now everyday
i say your name in vain
he told me that he loved me
but he told you too the same
said i was fit to marry
but gave your child his name
we talked about him everyday
this man we both had wed
we knew our futures were all set
his name was never said
he showed so much desire
we both thought he was fate
we loved him both so dear
this man we've come to hate
we've come to know he loved us both
but neither one he told
he'd go to visit one at day
leave the other in the cold
for this crime you did commit
i should not hate you so
but inside it does not stop
although you did not know
you did not change
your son's new name
I know you did not care
of the pain caused everyday,
this pain i could not bare
so thanks to you...
a friend indeed
a friendship hard to flaunt
i've taken my life this Christmas Eve
hope this is what you want.

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Comments (3)

Hello Sally your words are so heartfelt, and your flow is exceptional, , I found this poem posted on another site with my name as the title, , I am sure there is some mistake or at least it was not me, , But I was intrigued by the words that you placed so delicately with wonderful rhyming, I will be looking forward to reading more of your work, , , wow what a way to meet another poet, , , blessings..Cecil
Hi Sally. i understand the 'inner' turmoil, however, the self-sacrifice I don't agree with! to love is painful and no one should make your decision on HOW that love is felt! I like Merry Christmas a lot...
The meter and rhyme is quite good and enjoyable until the very end. I didn't like that it was a suicide note. But I commend you on using rhyme and careful meter. Some 'poets' are of the opinion that poetry neither needs rhyme nor any particular meter to be considered poetry. I am not one of those.