MM (3/16/60 / Macungie, PA.)

A Christmas Prayer

God, please turn back, the hands of time
again I call on you
I've neglected my family
turned my back on you too.

Please turn back the clock
To a distant sunrise
The one, which hold my childrens first steps
Where instead of a hangover
Joy can be seen in the tears of my eyes

I'll give you all that I have
For the chance to be there
To read my verse
Kiss away their fears
And show that I care
To be a husband, a lover
And be the best friend
To my childrens mother

I turn to you
Now in my time of pain
For I see that doing it my way
Has been a journey in vain

I now see the way
Of what you all expect
A life filled with love and joy
With little regret

From this moment on
I'll listen to you
God, please help my family
As I again lay my burdens on you

Before I go, I have one request
As you know, it's Christmas
Instead of a list, I have, just one wish
To be the dad and husband
That my family does need
To be a good man and
Have you strengthen my hope
To witness all souls flying

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Comments (2)

It's about the most selfless Christmas gift request i've ever seen. Well penned, too.
A heart felt request. sincere and graced with a longing to turn back and rewrite the past... well penned