RD ( / Las Vegas, Nevada, USA)

A Christmas Salute

The setting sun, with it's hueful glow
it set for some, so long ago.
It was far away, that place they went
they stood the line, are yet unbent.
While time has passed, should our memory wane
but remember now, less they passed in vain.
They did for us, what they had to do
for God and Country, for me and you.
Life goes on, as we know it must
but what they gave, shall stand in trust.
Night stalks the land, with stars so bright
wherever you are, remember their might.
The numerous brave, gave so much for you
will never see, our star shine through.
Dance and sing, while you deck the halls
with glowing lights, and sparkling balls.
Enjoy the feast, that's yours this day
but remember those, who've paid the way.

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