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A Christmas Song
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A Christmas Song

Poem By Valsa George

'Ding dong bell
Let the merry bells ring'!

The blessed time of the year has come
When the prince of peace is born
Let us hail the king of kings
Let us sing and blow our horns

Christmas is here once again
With promises of peace and joy
All around is a convivial air
And everyone, in a mood to enjoy

Jesus left his palace high
To cheer the Earth and gloomy sky
Lo, the celestial king is here
Let us partake of this joy

Behold His tender, lovely face!
Never a flower so sweetly graced
Never has been such peace serene
None on Earth, so widely praised

Christmas gaiety is everywhere
The Earth with rising vigour thrills
Colourful stars brighten the streets
From the church, merry carol trills

Even the poorest hearth is warm
Delicious cakes and cookies baked
On Christmas trees, festoons hang
Many a gift, so thoughtfully wrapped

Days of fond remembrance have come
Of all those whom we love and care
This is the time to spread some cheer
Among all our friends from far and near

‘Glory to God and peace on Earth'
The Shepherds at midnight sang
With them, joined the heavenly throng
And from every nook, its echoes ring!

'Ding dong bell
Let the merry bells ring'!

Wish all my friends on Poem hunter

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Comments (19)

Like a Christmas carol with musical rhythm and rhymes, filled with childish joy and innocence; bells and lights and childish hearts, and memories of the sweetest years! This poem sets the mood for the festive season!
Ding dong bell Let the merry bells ring'! Beautiful poem Valsa. Belated Christmas greetings. Beautiful lines... Even the poorest hearth is warm Delicious cakes and cookies baked On Christmas trees, festoons hang Many a gift, so thoughtfully wrapped
The true reason for Christmas. Beautifully penned. I hope you were blessed for Christmas and the New Year.
This a joyous poem which is framed by two fanfares of bells and jubilation. The wonder is that you sustained the joyous mood in all of the inner stanzas - you never flagged for lack of expressions of joy. I re-read Milton's ON THE MORNING OF CHRIST'S NATIVITY which is a great poem in its baroque conventions but it left me admiring his virtuosity but unmoved. In other words, it did not put ME in a Christmas mood. Your poem did. I'm not saying you're a better poet than Milton (well, maybe) but rather you put your hand and heart on the pulse of the Day and found the language to make that pulse beat in our hearts. I underrstand these things in a cultural way because I long ago left behind faith in Jesus. Did you know Emerson turned down a comfortable position as a parson because he did not believe in the divinity of Jesus? I am of Emerson's camp. We have to look elsewhere. But unlike Emerson I still acknowledge the season of Christmas and the very real joy it spreads over us ALL. There's magic in that as your poem shows.
Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you. Let the bells ring in peace and cheers. Great Christmas write.