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A Christmas Tale
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A Christmas Tale

Poem By Patricia Gale

Watching as each child took a turn. Telling the man in red what they wanted for Christmas. Caught in the trance of the season she didn't notice the lights dimming and the shuffles of shoppers slowly fading.

And what is you want for Christmas my dear? Looking surprised, awakened from her holiday dreaming she replied, Romance… can you give me that? Can you wrap a ribbon around … make it real? A tear escaped from blue eyes that had long ago lost their sparkle.

Rubbing his beard of white, he paused and said, do you believe in hope my dear?
Stunned at his reply, she said I believed along time ago but I fear that was long ago.

The little girl who dreamed in Happily Ever After and Knights in shinning armor now standing in the middle of a mall dreaming of a love for Christmas. A love filled with romance and passion.

Never give up hope my dear. He took her by one hand and the other hand reached inside a small bag hanging on his side. He reached inside and sprinkled crystal dust upon her head. And lead her to his big red chair. In moments she was fast asleep and dreaming.

Awakening with a smile she looked and found the man in red had given her what she had wanted... what she already had.......hope…. The hope that lives in her dreams......and her heart from now and this day ever after.

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Comments (6)

Hope is still there..though the romance is long gone. Merry Christmas.
'What she already had, hope' Rachel Ann Butler
a beautiful piece of poetry Patricia well said.
Never give up hope it took me seventy years to find my alter ego
This is such a beautiful write :) Such an enchanting tale... We all've got hearts... wonderful :)