A Christmas Without God

God had a plan for Christmas
A plan that could not fail
Rather then indulgences
He went straight into retail
Positioned presents as a blessing
And to keep the whole thing green
Decided that we all should have
Those jolly Christmas trees
When he phoned Sears and K Mart
On his celestial phone
The response was overwhelming
And they changed their budgets when
He had explained the concept
To these quite commercial men
Lord Jesus said the salesmen
Who then took back their words
This concept is amazing
How do we start
And when?
Ahah said God quite gently
Its not that easy mate
The condition of your entry
Is that you should celebrate
The goodness thats amongst us
And not just profits seek
For while valued is the businessman
The world belongs unto the meek
At this point there was silence
I think a pin was dropped
So the businessmen decided
On a Christmas without God.

by David Keig

Comments (3)

Your poem got me thinking when something we celebrate yearly was base on a 'big porky' You are bound to meet up with various problems. I think the world has started to wake up from this awful spell which was placed on them since the beginning of time. They want answers? The world is far from being just black/white.
Some people here have decided that too. Bad idea.
I love this very true and witty poem, well done!