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A Chuva Deve Cair Como Rasgos Do Céu
AK (July 15 1964 / Sao Paulo Brazil)

A Chuva Deve Cair Como Rasgos Do Céu

Poem By Aldo Kraas

A chuva deve cair como rasgos do céu
On the ground today
So that the ground gets whased by the chuva
And the grass also will get water
Very soon
But the chuva is very sad to look at
Because to me it seems like the chuva is crying out of pain
Like a human being does
In some ways a chuva seems to have some feelings
And I can understand that because I am human and I have feelings
Just like a chuva has

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Hmmm.....anyone care to fill me in on what a chuva is?