A Circle Of Life

Dear friends, we are gathered together today to complete a circle of life.
A circle that started a lifetime ago, as two friends become man and wife.
They courted and flirted and eventually saw the beginnings of love burning bright.
They started to feel, to share, and to care, and love began to take flight.
It grew on wings of gossamer and silk, steady and true and free.
The winds were strong, and the wings got frayed, not sure yet of what they might be.
However, the silk in those gossamer wings kept them from being destroyed.
And the love these two shared grew and changed through the tears,
As wisdom and age were employed.
They now stand together before God and their friends to start a new home and new life;
Because they now know that no matter what comes,
They will make it as husband and wife.
Come share the joy with this girl and this boy as they start a new life together.
With family and friends, and love without end, and a circle that will last forever.

by Kathy Ann Croy

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