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A Circus Of Tragic Travesties
( / Connecticut)

A Circus Of Tragic Travesties

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

The popularity of disgusting politics,
Has taken to new heights...
The rise of incompetence.
Welcomed as a representation of significance,
That has left no one embarrassed...
To observe a greatness 'hyped',
Destroyed by those ignorant.
Blinded with beliefs disappearing from sight.
While those who have paid to stay in spotlight,
Entertain their igniting of childish fights...
Delight the ones crowding around.
Watching clowns ruin a quality into the ground.
In the hopes whoever may survive is picked,
As Master of Ceremonies to conduct...
This appetizing for more wickedness.
A circus of tragic travesties.

While those who sit to have paid to witness,
Their quality of life slip into a darkness.
With more of it to crave as light dims to fade.
While adults sit to wish to relive the lives of their kids.
Seen killing themselves to become the main attraction.
Some sit stunned.
Others applaud the doing done.

'I don't know how this could have happened,
To 'my' children.
One day we were all smoking 'pot' together.
And before I could say, 'Pass the 'joint' don't hog it.
Everyone started shooting one another.
To leave me with a 'roach' I couldn't light to smoke.
And when the cops came...
They acted as if they didn't want to hear me explain.
Something's got to be done.
That's why I came to this rally.
To see who better fights to keep my quality of life,
Kept the way I like it.'

~I hear you.
These folks have lost their minds.
Let's go over there near that exit sign.
I've got one more joint left we could share.~

What about my kids?
I want their future protected.
The way I remembered mine had been.'

~They think they're so grown.
They will find anything to roll their own.
And besides...
This stuff I've got is the best.~

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