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A Citizen Of The World (R0)
(04 Jan 1957 / Lalgola, Murshidabad, West Bengal, India.)

A Citizen Of The World (R0)

Poem By Asit Kumar Sanyal

I am not only an Indian
But a citizen of this global union
I am not Hindu, Muslim, Christian
Or a Buddhist
Kindness is only my religion
It's like the open sky
I can fly here like a bird … freely, high
I don't judge people
by the colour of skin ….
Black, white, golden, coppery
It's our feeling
But they are not exactly so
It's same as colours of the rainbow.

I am not only an Indian
But a citizen of the globe so nice
Make me a simple treatise
Live in harmony and peace
I never support hate, fight, war, thrill
It's are ignorance, awful, cruel
It's gun, blood, death
Pain and fear
It breaks heart, brings tears
It's applied to controlling power
To grab land, water, oil, mines
Its politician's tool
Ruins economy, gives downward pull.

I am not an Indian
But a disciplined son of all mighty
I work for peace, harmony
That includes glory, love, dignity
Harmony is togetherness like concert
It produces melody songs
Help people to bloom like a flower
Buzz like a bee
Transform like a dewdrop
I am a brave citizen
Work to bring peace to my brother
I know, evil may attack from behind
and rob my mother.

New Delhi

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Comments (2)

Peace and love! ! Kindness is only your Religion. Nice work.
A nice poem on global harmony, peaceful coexistence and true bravery required to solve many of the present day world problems. Thanks for the poem.You deserve 10. Subhas.