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A Claiming Of 'vision'
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

A Claiming Of 'vision'

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Many will claim to have 'vision'.
A seeing beyond,
What has yet to come to be done.
Although their minds and eyes are closed.
Affixed to limitations.
To compare what is already apparent.
With this more discussed.
How it is they can update to renovate,
A recycling repeatedly to take place.

Many will claim to have 'vision'.
Yet remain to make decisions,
Their ancestors made.
Decades and centuries long to have gone.
Based upon division and the color of skin.
Which religions are worshipped.
With images to symbolize since time began.
Depending upon archaic beliefs.
Providing relief for their existence.

Many claim to have that 'vision'.
To choose and do,
Over others whatever they please.
Although that vision eliminates,
All truth of history.
Re-written to deceive,
Any trace of reality.
Or that the Chinese and Africans,
Were the first to map routes...
With their ships to explore,
Vast oceans and seas.
Long before Queen Isabella of Spain,
Funded Christopher Columbus...
Distorted reports of his 'discoveries'.

Many claim to have 'vision'.
Insight and this ability.
Yet kept faith in The Almighty.
Creator of humanity.
Somehow escapes to be replaced,
By those on a mission with their 'vision',
To destroy and employ...
Their version of reality.
Free to visualize without diversity.
Or their dependence upon it.
To have taken this for granted to enjoy.

Many claim to have that 'vision'.
Left to expect themselves exceptions.
Incapable for God to ultimately prove,
Which of His selected and picked creations...
Most annoy.
Since improving their self righteous mentalities,
Has become an impossibility.
And the only thing left to do,
Is to have them and their limited 'visions'...
Removed from implementing complete ruin,
What God intended He created...
Was not in His vision,
To witness have done to do.

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