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A Clairvoyant.
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A Clairvoyant.

Poem By Michael Walker

I can see your boarding house now,
A spacious, two-storied bungalow
That overlooked the blue-water harbour.
Your rambling house had good prospects.

There were boarders, like me, coming and going:
Some were short-term: some were long-term.
I had a bedroom with a view upstairs:
We dined and watched television downstairs.

It was a case of upstairs, downstairs.
You believed in me as a man, a student:
You listened when I found study difficult,
You insisted that I finish the course.

Thanks partly to you, I did graduate then,
With a degree that opened doors in teaching;
Doors that would otherwise have been closed.
But there was more to you than that...

For you were a spiritualist, a medium:
You were in touch with the other side.
You spoke of the light or dark aura I had.
An aura of happiness: an aura of dejection.

You advised me to trust the voice of intuition,
Which has served me well in many a crisis.
You predicted that I would live a long life;
You were an angel and I know your spirit lives.

-20 May,2016.

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Really enjoy this one
this is an insightful & delightful glimpse of your past, obviously an important part of it. thanks for sharing. it has reminded me of two 'elderly' (the age i am NOW) women who were landladies in different houses i lived in, one before i married & the other after my 1st marriage fell apart. Both were 'characters', friendly, and, at times, good company. but they did not have 'the gift' that i know of. bri :) :)
Nicely penned, I think she would be happy to know that you have such lovely memories of her and wrote this poem and called her an angel. We encounter angels at different points in our lives, or we ourselves are angels to others. others.
Nicely done. Thanks for sharing
So beautiful expressed and read with enormous interest. We do not meet many such as this inspirational and spiritual woman. How we wish they were always in our lives.