....All Poems Are Sweet (Odiya Poem)

ଝରା ବଉଳର ବାସ ମିଠା ମିଠା
ମିଠା ମିଠା
ଲାଗେ ମିଠା ମିଠା!

କବିର କବିତା ଲାଗେ
ମିଠା ମିଠା
ମିଠା ମିଠା...!
Poems are always sweet!

Copyright @Poet,28 July,2018

by Dillip K Swain

Comments (22)

Many times we succeed just because someone else believes that we can. A very touching poem. Thanks for sharing.
A great tribute to your landlady indeed who was much more than that- an inspiration and a motivating force. How nice that you acknowledge it 'Thanks partly to you, I did graduate then'. Thanks. For you were a spiritualist, a medium: You were an angel and I know your spirit lives.
Beautiful poem! Sometimes people come into our lives not to stay forever but just until they teach us a lesson we need to learn about our self: that we would overlook otherwise. Thank you.
I am glad to know that she believed in you.
A truthful aspect of your life expressed beautifully, people that inspire and care certainly make a mark, wonderful poem, Thanks for sharing
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