A Beautiful Life, You Are Destroying With Warfare

A beautiful life you are destroying it
In warfare and militancy,
Arms and ammunition,
Mortar fires, rockets and shells,
A beautiful life.

Think of in the aftermath of
The loss of lives and heavy casualties,
Just think it,
Who will serve the wounded?

by Bijay Kant Dubey

Comments (5)

this is very interesting and cool. you have a very nice style..
A deep thought for knowing the wisdom is hinted here. This can not be understood but to be realized deeply through sensitivity...... very well said. Thank you Romeo... loved it
Wisdom is earned through trial and tribulation. I totally agree with this and enjoyed reading. Thanks for sharing.
Nice poem. Well, happy you that you're aged enough to have wisdom and happy you that your mother-tongue is English, so by variety of words you make good poems. Language is important. Poetry is of course related to emotions. I try to enjoy it too. Thanks for your nice poem. Best wishes.
a brilliant write sir..................oh you must be think what is this well this is me speechless one word.....perfect...... thank you for sharing it with us love, payal