A Story Of Love

A story of love,
It started freely with your mind,
Then, building up slowly;
But, how long will it be?

Only you,
The only one,
Only once!
Like once upon a time.

To try it,
To use it,
To find the solutions hidden in the conscience of love.

A new lover!
Somewhere to live;
With dignity and rights.

The story of your love,
Floating around with your mind today,
For a better tomorrow.

Fire and water!
Life and death,
Love and lust,
Systems! !
To have this story around you.

A story of love,
Sake, wake, make, shake, bake, cake, take, stake!
From coast to coast;
Trying to find your lover.

Lock, block, clock, dock, flock!
With square tables and oval tables;
Wearing your blue suede shoes,
As someone came along calling for you.

Cast, last, mast, past!
With the doors of life and the doors of love;
Dreaming along to find someone very special to your heart.

by Edward Kofi Louis

Comments (18)

Oh years ago! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
'Some halfway up the limestone wall, That spot of black is not a stain'.. is very nice composition indeed. A gem no doubt. Enjoyed.
There sandy seems the golden sky And golden seems the sandy plain........fantastic beginning. Beautiful poem shared.
Another great poem of great Robert Frost👍👍👍
To call to long past is an art.+++10
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