A Closed Book


I am nearing the end of this story,
It seems like yesterday the first page was turned,
The introduction to what was to come captivated
My mind, heart, and soul.

Each chapter slowly revealing a new direction,
Beginnings, moving forward, learning life lessons
With the inevitable outcome of an ending, and progression
Toward the souls quest for the reason and meaning in life.
The outpour of emotion spilled onto the pages within
Each chapter began to reveal its written destiny
I could not put this story down.

The End.
I close the book - at last.
I can now file it into the place where it will reside forever.
Pressed between the front and back cover are the pages of 3 years
Years full of precious moments, thoughts, emotions, and some of
The most intense feelings ever experienced.
This is another volume in my collection of memories in life.

My thoughts wander as I begin to recapture segments of
What lay within the very beginning chapters.
This very fresh and complete piece of my memory file
I am able to remember with such clarity, as it is such a fresh part
Of what was, the day I began a new part of my life’s journey.

The winter sun shone on the large open windows
That gladly invited the beautiful warmth and light into our home,
Creating the feeling of comfort, happiness, and fresh beginnings.
This describes the atmosphere of the moment so well,
Though if I choose to read between these lines, and recall,
The emotion that engulfed my heart with heaviness so full of
Heartache, guilt, and regrets for an unforbidden love.

These conflicting emotions swirled in my mind spinning so fast
Spinning me out of control consuming my soul, my entire self,
Spiraling me down into a very dark, empty, cold and lonely
Hole of despair and confusion.

I now flick through my thoughts toward the pages that hold
Moments of warmth that closed its arms around me
With strength, security and a promise so full of love and kindness.
A promise never to let go of my heart, and to guide me toward
Light within my darkness so that I am able to find my way out.

This journey took me from hell to heaven and back again
The story complete with every emotion that lay between
From completely damaging and destructive on one end of the scale
To the most amazing, wonderful hypnotic moments on the other.

Love destroys at random when you least expect it –
Like a storm moves across rapidly, the entire space turns black
Thick heavy clouds hang low gathering together, then crack
With thunder and lightning, as rain falls, flooding what was
Once happiness, drowning, washing away and destroying the
Complete existence of what was once love.

November 2005

Comments about A Closed Book

Very moving, very original, very interesting. thanks Athena *** words will change the world ***
Oh, my, this was so eye opening, so moving, so feeling, so real, as of the opening of a movie or book you couldn't put down. I enjoyed every moment of it-so filled from within thought it is bad, good, modest, hurtful, painful, it is real and I suppose a close book, if it is to be summed up in a matter of time and in a matter in which you can live with it. So well written.....and moving.
Wow, a very moving mini-epic Charmaine. Well captured. You present the tale well. Thank you.

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