BR ( / Cleveland, Ohio USA)

A Closer Walk With Thee

Child of God, the enemy is pursuing you
All hell has broken loose
Elevate your mood, put the word to use
It's time for a power boost

Your body aches, you don't feel well at all
Pick-up the phone give JESUS a call
There's nothing too big or too small
He'll even tear down those mighty walls

Times are hard, you've shed many a tear
He'll answer the phone, his voice you'll hear
His counsel is sure, his presence is near
Rest assured, the solutuin wil appear

Be assured now, everything is okay
Be sure to be mindful of what you say
Put not your confidence in vessels of clay
JESUS is the only way! Halleleujah!

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Jesus is always there for everyone great poem let Jesus help you always to write any more poems in praise of him.amen