A Clothes Line

There is a workhorse that serves us well.
Its been around since time can tell.
It has a post at each end, to give support
with a stick in the middle, so it doesn't distort.

by sylvia spencer Click to read full poem

Comments (8)

Oh, what a lovely poem Sylvia, it brings back memories. I'll be reading more of your poems------Melvina
A delicious read which to the heart and imagination, you nourish so well a God givened talented freed. God bless-Michael Jeffrey Gale.
.. Great poem, that made me smile! There is definite evidence here of your wonderful sense of humour! ! ! : -) Sylvia, I travel so much and I am always dismayed when I don't see many children playing outside on sunny Saturday mornings, in this Modern Age. Also, in most suburbs, manicured backyards are without clothesline. Ah, the world is changing. In some cases, too radically! Exellent poem that stirred the emotions! Deanna xx ..
Very nice Sylvia. I love a poem that gives life to something we see everyday yet never really notice. Sincerely, Mary
this fun poem reminds me of my own clothesline poem. lovey.
Charming poem, Sylvia. Many poems have come to me while I was hanging clothes on the line on a fine summer day. Love, Sandra
This is wonderful.A double meaning maybe, the purpose of the line is a support of our feelings maybe.However this was intended, it was pure nector to the eye.Love Duncan
Just a quick note again. After I sent the last message to you I decided that I had time to read one quick poem. I gave you a 10 also. I liked the rhyme and the insight you gave to a clothes line. I will read and write more I promise.