A Cloudy Day

Cloudy skies obscure your view,
A slight breeze moves the clouds,
Letting in the sun-shine open up a broken sky.

by Charles Garcia Click to read full poem

Comments (10)

The poem is beautifully expressing the power of nature over human life. Nice words used to paint the pictures.
A pleasurable poem which leads one into serenity. Very beautiful Charles. All the best, Diane
I like that poem - makes me feel free and easy - thx.kat
A true poet indeed, your words are beautiful and give the feeling of warmth and calmness. Thankyou so much for this most beautiful poem.---Melvina---
What a beautiful skyscape your words have painted. You are a poet worthy of the name. Kindest regards, Sandra
A whispering tender poem...you write with beauty and wisdom Tahnk you for writiing this uplifting poem!
Yes, Gentle is the word which come to mind. Nice poem. Anjana
I really like the gentleness of this poem - the notion that the wind can clear our minds just as it moves the clouds to reveal a clear blue sky. Kind regards, Justine.
This poem really seems to capture the way a cloudy day can make you feel. Nice to read!
Dear Charles 'A slight breeze moves the clouds'.Excellent-Powerful line! A Poet I suspect who didn't know it. Love Duncan