Little Sisters

This heart goes out to the Little Sisters of the Poor who
taught me many things while working with the elderly.

Working in their atmosphere of unconditional love, I was
allowed to grow in many ways and am very thankful for all
the years I was blessed to work and volunteer for them.

Always will I treasure the Little Sisters in a special place
within my heart and soul.

They helped and nurtured my contemplative, spiritual interior
soul for which I will forever be grateful.

by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

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That was a little tense though. So thankful for internet now.
Kipling's works showcase a genius for rhyme and meter that so effortlessly accentuate the colorful tales he tells. I will always consider him one of the finest architects of rhyming poetry.
nice and an interesting poem
His sense of humour was always in place. I love this
hahahaha! I would say that Mr. Kipling enjoyed a rather fastidious humor.... And I enjoyed it here in this poem quite abundantly too.... Though a quarter of the way through I needed to stop and look up the word heliograph.... Only a matter of technological difference between he and we.... Today the faux pas might have been the general overhearing it on a cell phone set to speaker mode...
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