A Code Of Silence

When the spoken words
Cease to tenderly caress her ears
And without any fears,
A poet's hand grabs a magic pen
To write lovely stanzas,
The ones that cannot be erased,
Since they were inspired by her name.
An inspiration that from heaven came
Dedicated to the Angel behind the violin,
The essence of my everything...
A code of silence is born
Reaching the point of no return...
Only written words remain,
A love-message spread around the world,
Traveling through sunshine, snow and rain,
Describing times well spent
And the secret of her scent...
Nothing said or done was in vain,
She became the center of my universe,
A love so passionate and so intense,
But destiny left its clear trace,
With time, things completely changed...
Finding myself drown in silence
In my chamber of solitude,
Navigating in a wild ocean
Of written words and thinking of her...

©All Rights Reserved-2011

by Romeo Della Valle

Comments (17)

Only written words remain a love message spread around the world. Very romantic and beautiful, your description of love. Sadness touching your heart from love's disappointment brings tears. Love this poem, keep writing you're an expressive poet for sure. Thank you for sharing. RoseAnn
I love how beautifully the words are woven together. Really passionate piece.
OMG...that was BRILLANT...wow...lost for words....beautiful...bravo..bravo
I have always believed that with written words one never dies. It is one of the ways like painting, music etc. by which we can live forever and I suppose that is what is called immortality. Written words make one immortal. Here the poet has described the immortal love very beautifully and has written from his soul. Very deep and true. I loved the poem.
What a lovely homage to a woman obviously well loved. The thoughts in this one are remarkable in their simplicity and adoration. Well done Romeo. I love it
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