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A Cold, Cold Heart
(August 10 / Born in Columbus OH - living in Florida)

A Cold, Cold Heart

I offered my heart
in the palm of my hand,
a burning nova
to a private world
where love and forgiveness
knew no bounds

tender and trusting,
it beat only for you
so long ago

but hurt fans out
like the surface ripples
on a pond after a pebble falls,
each new hurt
spreading rings ever wider

and with each new ring,
more feelings fade
spreading wider, chilling deeper,
til cold as ice,
they become as stones
bouncing on a frozen pond

their rhythm etched forever
in a cold, cold heart.

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Beautiful poem... Good work
An exquisitely beautiful poem. Read mine – I Walk in the Sunshine – Adeline
A cold heart is very hard to thaw out. Once it becomes frozen the love will never be that same. Just like a frozen pond. The fishes, tadpoles or whatever inhabits the pond like love will die. An inspiring write C.J.
This one darn near made me cry, C.J. Stop it! lol I'm sure each and every one of us has had a relationship that didn't last, and how profoundly sad and painful an experience it is. You've hit the nail on the head with this one. Well done. Shannon
There are so many ways to read this CJ, one could see it as reflection on how love, the years, physical toil or many other aspect have taken it out on us, whatever way one views it the result is a profound sadness. The opera composer Puccini composed his music along the storyline to elicit tears from the audience. But there is nothing opportunist about this piece. It is affective rather than affecting about one of the saddest aspects of our personal relationships. I think this ranks with Daddy's Boots as one of your pieces that really moved me.
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