Poem By Ashes Jazmie Conway

A snowy icy night, painted hill tops all are white,
all the rivers flow like ice, and raindrops fall as hail,
from so very, very high, above.
Whispered breath, a smoky kind of grey,
as I wander in the coldness of my winter dreams,
trees stretching skywards hold distant memories
of rustled leaves and a lazy warming friendly breeze.
I so much love you and I want you by my side
in the coldness of this dark and lonely frozen hour.
Your lips are all I ever miss,
as I stand here cold and with a sense of helplessness
waiting for your kiss to bring back love and summertime
to the chilled and bitter darkness, that I often find.
On this snowy icy night of my winter dreams
please hurry, come back home to me
and bring that warm and gentle loving face,
the one that I do miss so very much.
How I wish that you were always here
then nothing would we ever fear
and even in the cold and dark
our love will keep us safe and warm
until the coming of the calm and gentle, warming, dawn.

Comments about Sound

What a meaningful picture you pen paints David. Another worthy ten
It does not get much better than this David
Full of love... beautiful imagery
pensive but so charming, fullof love..........real nice work!
full of loving thoughts for your only love to whom you are so true. i for one don't miss the cold not as the heat melts the streets......................good one David, love, marci.xo

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