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A Cold Night For True Lovers Lost Hearts...
(06-04-94 / Gainsville/Florida)

A Cold Night For True Lovers Lost Hearts...

Poem By Morgan Evans

a cold night thats all
i need.
for its the kind
youll be there.
to warm me.
while we sit out
in the dew cool
while the
chilled moon
watches us, as the
world turns by.
the grass sways in the
coldness of the darkened
night, the wind growing stronger
in the ghostly wails of the howling
the thickend grass
sways up against us,
as we stair in eachothers eyes.
woundering what the other may think.
A cold night, for true lovers lost
hearts, could it bring me and thy together?
or shall be lost in this loveless weather..

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wow your good.... you write like me, i write how i feel and what i want 2 come. keep up the good work i left you a message in your inbox
This is really pretty,10.