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A Cold Night In Warri

The time came when crickets sang unpleasant songs
When stars became visible but struggled to shine
When moon shed tears of blood!

Songs of war echoed from the south …
Destroying every tree with their bloody swords!
Under his bed, a toddler frightened terribly
as they stamped their feet with vengeance.
Their brothers were slaughtered!
Their hands stained with their fathers' blood!

They screamed joyfully after beheading a man
They played weird games with their victim's head
They made the wind wailed through the trees!
Then he realised that blood was flowing.

Burning huts attempted to assist the struggling stars
Then he felt the lowly tears of the moon.
Whose hut would be next?
When many have been rendered homeless!

His little heart cuddled his sister's heartbeat
Under his bed … longing for dawn
But crickets sang unpleasant songs,
Whilst moon shed tears of blood
What a cold night I will never forget in Warri.

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Hey Eddie, This is still my favourite poem, i remember when you sat and told me about it when you were living bk in Africa will neva forget it mate x
Dearest NDIDI; This poem is excellent, what a lovely poem you have writtten and a short story, I would imagine you have so many poems hidden within you waiting to jump out and be shared with the world.Thank you so much for sharing you excellent God-given talent with those of us who can truly appreciate your contribution to mankind. Thanks also for the lovely message about my poem too.