A Cold Snowy Day

It is a cold snowy day, too cold for children to play
'Please come home, ' mother's will say, but the children won't obay,
'cause we are growing older, besides we're not in poor health.
Will I ever come back home? Is what I should ask myself.

You see it may be cold here, but I am very alone
and unprepared for this, being here and on my own.
Because yes we are older, but the weather grows colder.
We just want you to stay home, just wish we would've told her.

It is a cold snowy day indeed, but you were all of everything we need.
We can no longer beg or plead, because it's too late for that now.
Let us just hope things will work themselves out somehow.
'Please come home, mother please stay, ' Is what she's trying to say.

by Moth Harris

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Your words penitrate my broken heart. I wish I new then what I know now. My choices would have been so different. Always remember that home is where you are truely loved. I'm waiting for you to come home.